o ensaio

original graphic novel

An original graphic novel called "O ensaio" (the rehearsal), produced under the

Manga Theatre project. 

A fantasy inspired by real events during the process for the creation of the show " A  sacalina" wich debuted in Lisbon, 2019.


drawing  //  argument  //  paging and design

" O ensaio " tells a fictional fantasy in a parallel universe to the theme of the show  in display. The novel narrates episodes of the rehearsals where a group of actors dancing the butoh (ancient japanese dance known as "the dance of the dead" ) soon discover the daunting consequences for doing so.


full colour  //  offset printed  //  couche paper  //   76 pages

17-19_O ENSAIO_ PROMO_livro_17.jpg

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**book in portuguese language



**book in portuguese language
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