This is not a bio...


I don't write bios for that is not either my job or talent.

I draw! I dream! I realize!

So please do not ask me to write my bio.

Ask me instead to hold your hand on that tough project you're on right now, to grab a beer with you this afternoon or host a remote hangout on our pijamas...

To think with you out loud, to imagine and paint the stories we're yet to tell...

To reduce waste, give you a hug if you need one, to bake you a chocolate cake...

To design for the brands of tomorrow.


To just make a complete mess...

Ask me to illustrate the world and I shall!

Just please do not ask me to write my bio!

ART PHOTO_3_edited.jpg
ART PHOTO_1_edited.jpg
ME PHOTO__4_edited_edited.jpg

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